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No matter which live roulette game you play, every spin is full of anticipation and excitement. Let’s face it: a single spin where the ball lands exactly where it’s supposed to can be absolutely amazing. Let’s explore a game that probably fits that description better than any other. With Auto Roulette, Evolution Gaming has created the perfect game to make your heart skip a beat and your blood race.

While Evolution Gaming is known for developing some of the most popular variations over roulette, what makes their Auto Roulette stand out decisively from the crowd is that there is no croupier (or live dealer) operating at the tables via a connection from a studio. Instead of the dealer, there is simply a roulette wheel so advanced that it literally has the game under control. This may seem like a contradiction in terms when it comes to a live casino game, but there are real advantages to it, and those are what we’ll explore here.

For those who haven’t played in a casino with a live dealer, playing with a real croupier might feel a little pushy. That’s where Auto Roulette comes in, as a cross between more traditional virtual online play and a game with a live dealer. Therefore, if you prefer games with real action and at the same time the experience of real live casino in a less personal setting, this may well be the game for you.

How to play

The rules are the same as for classic roulette. The aim of the game is also exactly the same: to try and guess which number or colour will come up. First, place your chip on the square or squares you have chosen to place your bet on. The two most popular choices are numbers and color. But you can also choose to bet on even or odd, high or low or something else entirely. The value of the chips ranges from 1 to 5,000, although you can always choose to double up.



As soon as you place your bet, the impressive, award-winning ‘air-power’ technology sends the ball flying, with no live dealer involved. From here, it’s business as usual: For example, if you bet on red and the ball lands on number 18, you win. If you place a bet on the Orphelines and the ball lands on number 20, you also win. When the house has made up all the bets, the game is over and a new round of betting can begin.

You’ll immediately notice that Auto Roulette has a really cool, modern look. The roulette table consists of a wheel and a wide table that can be played at. And even though you don’t have a dealer to turn to, you don’t have to feel left out at the table at all, as there’s a narrator voice to help you along instead. You can have the rules explained to you and you’ll be told when it’s time to place your bet. As you’ll see, the live chat features and game controls are displayed on screen. Each time the wheel spins, the camera will zoom in to capture what’s happening at the moment. You can choose whether to play in 3D or classic view. The only difference with the latter is that you won’t see multiplayer angles from the camera, as it focuses on a faster and simpler set-up for the game – as opposed to the more immersive experience in 3D.

The game includes many features, all of which contribute to creating an action-packed and fun gaming experience. The wheel can handle up 60-80 games per hour. At the same time, it is always active, so all in all it can perform up to 1,000 games per day.

Speed Auto Roulette

At Mr Green, another product from Evolution Gaming is also available, namely Speed Auto Roulette. As the name might suggest, it can combine two live roulette games: auto roulette and speed roulette. Similarly to the one previously mentioned, it is created to cater to players who love roulette with a real physical wheel, but don’t have the need for a live dealer. At the same time, it is played at a somewhat higher speed.

You can play at two different settings with a regular or mixed view. In the regular view, you can choose to automatically see the wheel in close-up when the ball is in play. You can easily place bets on the innermost field or on the neighbouring bets. In addition, there is the Auto-betting feature, which allows you to place the same bet in the same place up to 100 times.

In the mixed view, you see a predominantly computer-generated environment, rather than a live stream. This is simply because it is designed to work with less than optimal internet connections. As you’ll find, this view is really user-friendly, and it also works well if you’re considering playing a longer session. You also have the option to view a summary of the chat history for that game. For example, if you’re in contact with support, or if you’re playing with others, you can see everything that’s been written in chat.

Auto Roulette vs Live Dealer Roulette

Auto Roulette

There are notable advantages to Auto Roulette when compared to land-based, brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos with a live dealer. The first is the speed of the game rounds. In a live game at a land-based casino, a round can easily take a few minutes, depending on the number of players around the table and the number of payouts the croupier has to make. In both live dealer online roulette and Auto Roulette, however, this is reduced to somewhere around 40-45 seconds, which of course means that overall there is time for more rounds. In Speed Roulette and Live Speed Auto Roulette, it’s even faster, with each round taking around 20-25 seconds.

While playing with a live dealer can of course be fun and allow you to interact and chat, live dealers can sometimes make small mistakes. This results in the game taking longer to correct the error. With a high-tech precision wheel, mistakes are virtually non-existent.

The special (and in many people’s opinion positive) thing about Auto Roulette is that it actually has a real game wheel. For those who like games like virtual roulette, this can be the crucial difference. It’s the goddess of luck, so to speak, that determines the outcome rather than a computer-generated algorithm, and for many that has always been the essence of roulette.

Different players have different tastes and not everyone will be keen on live dealer games. Those who like speed and action will probably prefer games where the rounds don’t go too slow – such as Speed Roulette and Live Speed Auto Roulette. Auto Roulette is not quite as social as live dealer roulette, and some players like the presence of a live dealer and other players. Auto Roulette, on the other hand, has the distinct advantage of allowing players to focus and concentrate entirely on the game. In addition, some players prefer to play against a machine as they believe that machines are more predictable than a live dealer both in terms of the speed of the ball and where it lands.

If you are the type of player who likes better predictability in a flawless environment, Auto Roulette has a lot to offer you.

Auto Roulette by Authentic Gaming

While Evolution Gaming is undeniably a beacon when it comes to casino games, Authentic Gaming has also produced some truly impressive editions of Auto Roulette. In fact, Authentic Gaming has developed several variants of the game. Among these are the two most popular Classic Auto Roulette 1 and Classic Auto Roulette 2, both of which can be played right here at Mr Green.

One difference between the two editions is the maximum bet duration and game round. In Classic Auto Roulette 1, you have 25 seconds to place a bet and the game round takes a maximum of 63 seconds. In Classic Auto Roulette 2, you have 30 seconds to place a bet and the player round can take a maximum of 68 seconds. Apart from that, they offer the same features. You have the option to make call bets (which you announce without placing chips on the roulette table), and you can save your favourite bets, turn on Auto Spin, view the plain, graphical game area, and view statistics for the last 250 game rounds.

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